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CV [Resume] of Don Searles

10 Country Lane, Mattoon, Illinois 61938 USA Ph 1-217-259-2229 Email dredgesp@mchsi.com

The following will explain my knowledge and experience in dredging.

All the information on this document can be found in greater detail on the internet site, www.dredgingspecialists.com. You will also find references for my work and my knowledge and experience in other areas.

For over 36 years, I have been the founder, owner and manager of Dredging Specialists, [DS], located in Mattoon, Illinois USA.

My work has included:
  • I did the site and material investigations and prepared the tenders for over 150 contract dredging projects, which DS completed in 22 states in the USA. 16 contracts were completed for 5 of the 6 largest corporations in the world. Exxon Mobile, General Motors, Shell Oil. Ford Motor Co. and British Petroleum.
  • I prepared the tender documents for dredge sales and custom built dredging equipment.
  • I planned and supervised the mobilization of all contract dredging projects.
  • Manager of engineering, machine shop, and dredge fabrication shop.
  • I have many years experience as a welder, machinist, hydraulics and diesel engine technician.
  • I have made 12 inventions of tools and equipment for dredging.
  • I have personally made over 200 hydrographic surveys to determine the volume of material that had been dredged.
  • I have over 2,000 hours of in seat dredge operating time.
  • I make surveys [inspections] of dredges and support equipment to determine condition and valve for prospective buyers.
  • I have developed the specifications for new dredges for the government of Saudi Arabia and the City of Decatur, Illinois USA. The dredge for Saudi Arabia was a US $12 million dredge to mine rock salt in Saudi Arabia. For the City of Decatur I developed the specifications for a 406 mm dredge with 2 diesel engines totaling 900 kW, two 767 kW diesel powered booster pumps, a 11 meter long dredge tender work boat with crane and a 117 kW diesel engine, a booster pump barge, a 12,000 liter fuel barge and a 5,800 meter pipeline. I inspected this equipment as it was being built to assure the City that it was built to the specifications.
  • I have completed 42 consulting projects in the USA and 7 other countries.
  • I have been a consultant for attorneys and an expert witness in 37 lawsuits in the USA and Canada.
  • Dredging Specialists has designed and built 6 hydraulic dredges. Two of them we used for contract dredging projects and 4 or them we built and sold to others.
  • DS sold a complete dredging plant including a dredge, booster pump, pipeline and support equipment to UC Rusal, the world’s largest producer of aluminum with headquarters in Moscow Russia. The plant was delivered, set up and training provided at a bauxite mine in Jamaica.
  • DS designed, built and operated the only drag scraper dredging system in the world. We used this system to dredge a depth of 4.6 meters of mud from under a 200 meter long by 76 meter wide barge flotilla on the Missouri River, every year for 5 years. At the end of 5 years the barges were sold.
  • DS designed, built, and operated 2 proprietary dredging systems and completed contracts that no one else could do.