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Filling a Need in Nigeria
By Don Searles

For 36 years, I have been the owner of Dredging Specialists in Mattoon, Illinois, USA

  • For 36 years Dredging Specialists was a dredging contractor and builder of dredgers, completing more than 150 projects.

  • I have provided consulting services throughout the U.S. and seven other countries, including Nigeria.

  • I do dredger inspections [surveys] to determine the condition and value of dredgers and support equipment.

  • I am widely sought as an expert witness in lawsuits involving all aspects of dredging, as well as construction, marine and farm equipment.

In 2010, I decided to retire from contract dredging, and sell my equipment. I received many inquiries from people in Nigeria who wanted to purchase dredgers for dredging sand. My dredger was suitable for dredging soft mud, industrial and municipal sludge, and I refused to sell it for dredging sand, no matter how much people wanted to buy it. I sold my dredging plant in Jamaica to dredge red mud as a result of refining bauxite, for which it was ideally suited.

From my involvement with people in Nigeria wanting to get into dredging, I learned the following:

  • Many people do not know what type of dredger to purchase for dredging sand. Many times they buy the wrong dredger.

  • Many people do not know the size or type of dredger for dredging in rivers, harbors, inland lakes, or in the open ocean. Many times they buy the wrong dredger.

  • Many people do not know the horsepower required, the size of the dredge pump needed, or other technical matters, which they must know to purchase the correct dredger to get the production they need. Many times they buy the wrong dredger.

  • Many people purchase used dredgers, without an inspection by a knowledgeable person, and thus, they know nothing about the condition of the dredger. This leads to disputes, lawsuits, and great financial loss.

With the above in mind, I offer my 36 years of knowledge and experience in dredging, to Nigerian buyers considering purchasing a dredger.

  • Advice on the correct dredger to purchase for the intended application.

  • Advice on technical matters to assure buyers that they purchase a dredger that will provide the production required and give long life.

  • Make inspections [surveys] for buyers of used dredgers and support equipment, in the USA or Canada, to determine the condition, production capabilities, and value. Rule number one. Inspect what you expect.

  • To work as an agent for buyers, in dealings with sellers, in the areas of price, contracts, payment, and delivery. My legal experience as an expert witness and experience in international trade will be very helpful in protecting the buyer in contracts, payment, and delivery issues.

  • After purchase, provide advice on preventive maintenance procedures to get long life from dredgers and support equipment.

My services can save you millions of nairas, avoid worry, and give you peace of mind as you purchase a dredger. Using my services is like buying insurance against the high risk of a bad deal.

To discuss your needs and the cost for my services, contact me at dredgesp@mchsi.com or by phone at 1-217-259-2229: My time is Nigerian time -5 hours. When you contact me I will send you my 100 point dredger survey check list.

Don Searles