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Projects in the United States  (See Projects In Other Countries)

  1. Faust Corporation, St Clair Shores Michigan: Dredging methods, dredge plant recommendations, production calculations for dredging and dewatering contaminated material from Muskegon Lake, in Muskegon, MI.

  2. Port of New Orleans, Louisiana: Survey their 20 inch dredge Bleakly to determine the value for selling purposes.

  3. Bryant Land & Development Industries, Inc. Burnsville, NC.  Assistance in getting started as a dredging contractor.  Visit to Dredging Supply to provide technical advice on purchase of a new dredge.  Site investigations, dredge plant recommendations and production calculations on 4 U.S. Army Corp of Engineers dredging projects.

  4. Faust Corporation, St. Clair Shores Michigan: Ottawa River dredging and dewatering project in Toledo, Ohio.  Site investigations and sample recovery.  Dewatering system design, dredge plant recommendations, production calculations.

  5. Faust Corporation, St Clair Shores Michigan: Dow Chemical dredging project, Midland, Michigan.  Dredge plant recommendations, production calculations.

  6. ACMS Group, Crown Point, Indiana: Site investigations, sample recovery, dredge plant recommendations, spoil area recommendations.

  7. Creative Waste Management, Pennsylvania: Production calculations, equipment and operations recommendations for a 300,000 cubic yard fly ash dredging project.

  8. City of Denver, Colorado: Production calculations, equipment and operations recommendations to dredge 6,000,000 cubic yards of material from a reservoir at elevation 6,000 feet and transport the material in a pipeline 8.6 miles.

  9. Storm Lake, Iowa: On site evaluation of hydraulic dredging operations.  Recommendations for improved dredge positioning system.  Recommended that a production meter be installed.  Recommendations on improved dredging methods.

  10. Commercial Diving & Marine Services, Port Huron, Michigan: On site evaluation of new hydraulic dredging operation.  Recommendation for dredge positioning system.  Recommendations for improved dredging methods and maintenance practices.

  11. ASCG Incorporated, Lakewood, Colorado: Evaluation and cost estimates for three dredging and dewatering methods and equipment.  For dredging on the Fox River, at Batavia, Illinois.

  12. DTE Pep Tec, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania:  Evaluation of site conditions, material testing, dredging equipment recommendations, for fine coal recovery.  Evaluation of contractors dredging equipment and methods.

  13. AmeronCILCO Duck Creek Power Station, Canton, Illinois: Evaluation and recommendations for method and dredge type to dredge ash pond. Recommendation for method to provide the maximum fill of an ash pond.

  14. Faust Corporation, Groose Point Farms, Michigan: Recommendations for a slurring and pumping system for PCB contaminated material.  Lead to the design, construction, and operation of a system that was very successful.

  15. Klienfelder Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah:  Recommendations for dredging equipment and methods for remediation of the Northwest Oil Drain.

  16. Synthetic Materials, Cumberland City, Tennessee: Evaluation of gypsum material as it related to hydraulic dredging.  I advised them to use conventional dry land equipment and not a hydraulic dredge.

  17. Lost Lake, Dixon, Illinois: Provided a lake survey, material characterization, calculation of the amount of material to be dredged, recommendation for dredging equipment, preliminary spoil area design and cost estimates.

  18. City of Decatur, Illinois: Design and engineering of 10 year, 5.8 million cu. yd. hydraulic dredging project.  Wrote the specifications for a 16-in. 1250-hp dredge, three 16-in., 850-hp. booster pumps, dredge tender, fuel barge, booster pump barges.  Designed the pumping system, including calculations of friction loses, HP. required, placement of booster pumps, selection of pipeline size and material.  Providedrecomendations for pre-qualification of bidders.  Recommendations for the design of the set-up and operating site

  19. Weeks Marine, Camden, New Jersey: Recommendation for methods and equipment to remove lead shot from the harbor at a Remington Arms gun club in Connecticut.

  20. Weeks Marine, Camden, New Jersey: Site investigation, evaluation and recommendation for methods and equipment to create wetlands in New Jersey.

  21. Roy F. Weston, Inc., Chicago, Illinois: Site investigation, evaluation and recommendations for equipment to dredge in the Duluth, Minnesota Harbor.

  22. Holliday Sand & Gravel, Overland Park, Kansas: Design and build hydraulic and mechanical drive for chain ladder on 18" dredge.  Design hydraulic drive modification for large ladder winch.  Consultation and component selection for new hydraulic system.

  23. U.S. Steel, Gary, Indiana: Site investigation and material characterization.  Recommendations for dredging methods, specialized dredging equipment.  Provide cost estimates for contaminated sediment dredging of Grand Calumet River.

  24. E.I. DuPont, Seaford, Delaware: Design, build and operate 22,000 gal. sulfide stripping system.  Took project from concept to fully operational in three days.

  25. Climax Mining Co, Climax, Colorado: Recommendation for dredging methods, equipment selection and procurement.  Engineered the pumping system which was at elevation
    11,000-ft. MSL, 12,000-ft. long with 500-ft. of static head.

  26. B & M Construction Co., Mattoon, Illinois: Recommendations and design of Highway Shoulder Stone Spreading Machine.  Designed and built hydraulic system.

  27. C & H Sand & Gravel, Greenup, Illinois: Research and recommendations on methods and equipment to improve production of sand and gravel dredging operation.

  28. Certified Equipment Company, Tampa, Florida: Design improvements and implement modifications to 14" dredge.

  29. E.I. DuPont Company, Seaford, Delaware: Consultation on methods and equipment design for specialized sludge removal.  This lead to construction and operation of equipment on four projects.

  30. York Waste Water Consultants, Stamford, Connecticut: Site investigation.  Consultation in selection of dredging equipment, methods and procedures for cleaning industrial settling pond at Fairfield, Connecticut.  Lead contaminated material.

  31. Louisville Gas & Electric Co., Louisville, Kentucky: Recommendations, selection, procurement and setup of dredging equipment for mining carbide lime waste.

  32. Water & Air Research, Gainesville, Florida: Consultation and field evaluation of dredging equipment, methods and procedures for dredging Huntsville Spring Branch, Huntsville, AL.  DDT contaminated material.


Projects in, or for Firms in Other Countries:

  1. Saudi Petro Chemical Company, Saudi Arabia: Three days in Saudi Arabia conducting a site investigation, and inspecting two dredges that were dredging rock salt. Develop the specifications for a new bucket wheel dredge that will dredge rock salt without blasting.
  2. Government of Canada: Developed a method to estimate the cost of a dredging project.
  3. William Lloyds Technical Company, Nigeria:  Recommendations for dredges, support equipment and procedures to dredge 76 kilometers of the Niger River.
  4. ACA Consultants, St. Louis, France:  Dredging equipment recommendations.
  5. Patel Energy, Bombay India: Design dredging equipment to hydraulically remove sand from inside large caissons so the caissons sink into the sand.
  6. Quarry Products, Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies: Site investigation and consultation on equipment and costs to dredge in the North Sound.
  7. Quarry Products, Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies: Locate and determine prices and condition of 3,000 horsepower ocean tugboats and rock barges suitable for transport of aggregates from Cancun Mexico to Grand Cayman Island.
  8. Fort Cady Minerals Inc., Toronto, Canada: Consultation and design of boric acid crystal recovery equipment.
  9. Project in Puerto Rico for Weeks Marine, Camden, New Jersey: Site investigation, sample recovery and analysis.  Provided assistance in bid preparation and dredge selection.  This resulted in Weeks being awarded a $42 million hydraulic dredging contract in Puerto Rico.
  10. Terrasol SA, San Jose, Costa Rica: Consulting and cutterhead drive design for rock dredging project.
  11. Quarry Products, Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies: Site investigation.  Consultation on methods and equipment selection for dredging marl as a primary fill material on the island.
  12. Quarry Products, Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies: Site investigation.  Analyze surveys, determine voids in the coral, determine specific gravity of coral and make calculation of the reserves in a stone quarry on Grand Cayman Island.