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What is a Dredging Equipment Survey?

A dredging equipment survey is a detailed inspection of a dredge and if applicable, the support equipment such as booster pumps, dredge tender work boats, and pipelines.

A dredge is a very expensive piece of equipment, and the condition of a dredge and its support equipment will vastly affect the valve of a dredge plant. A well built, used 12 inch dredge in good condition could be worth $800,000 where the same dredge in poor condition could be worth $300,000 or less.

Dredges have a very long life and it is not unusual for a dredge to be 30, 40 or even 50 years old. Condition has more to do with the value of a dredge than the age of the dredge. Dredges are continually being rebuilt with new engines, dredge pumps, gear boxes, and winches. Old dredges can be brought up to modern standards with spud carriages, global positioning systems, [GPS], and electronic automation.

There are 3 things that are important when buying a dredge. 1 condition, 2 condition, 3 condition. A dredging equipment survey will answer these 3 important questions and more.

My check list for dredge equipment surveys consists of 124 items. Click here to see my check list for a dredge equipment survey.

Click here to see the tools needed to make a dredging equipment survey.

Click here to see the things needed at the site to make a dredging equipment survey.

After the field inspection is completed, a detailed report is submitted in which,
  • I list all the deficiencies that I found and the repairs needed.
  • I calculate the estimated production of the dredge.
  • I provide an analysis of the suitability of the subject dredge for the type of material that it will be dredging.
  • I provide an estimate of the equipments market value.