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Piranha Diver Cutterhead

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The Dredging Specialists Piranha Diver Cutterhead is a revolutionary tool that will dramatically increase diver-dredging production. Tests show a 233% increase in production. Up to 14 cubic yards per hour.
  • The Piranha Diver Cutterhead, coupled to a 4-in. or larger pump, makes a complete diver dredging system.
  • Two counter rotating cutters excavate mud and mix it into a pumpable slurry.
  • Counter rotation of the cutters eliminates the diver feeling any torque reaction.
  • The diver has complete control over starting, stopping, and reversing the cutters.
  • Each cutter has 6 blades. The swept area is 20-in. by 10-in. by 6-in.
  • The rotating cutters bring the material directly to the pump suction.
  • Two hydraulic motors drive the cutters. The motors, valves and hoses are enclosed in a water tight aluminum case.
  • The aluminum case provides neutral buoyancy, this eliminates the diver from having to manipulate any weight.
  • By making the material pumpable, the problem of the suction hose being sucked into the mud and getting stuck, is eliminated.
  • The rotating cutters release any gas that is trapped in the material. This eliminates the pump from becoming air locked.
  • Eliminates the need for any ineffective jetting methods.
  • Completely safe.  The diver cannot tilt the cutterhead sufficiently for the cutters to contact any part of his body.

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