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Weeks Marine Inc.
Dredging Marine Contractors Stevedoring Equipment Rentals

Below is an e-mail from Eric Dickerson, the project manager for Weeks Marine, after the 2008 Baxter Dredging project for the City of Philadelphia, PA.  On this project Dredging Specialists dredged 430,000 cubic yards of mud and pumped it onto hopper barges at the rate of 33% insitu solids. 


Thank you very much for making this project a success.  You and your crew made the project run smoother than we could have anticipated. We are very Appreciative of your efforts. Thanks

Eric Dickerson

Weeks Marine Inc.
Dredging Marine Contractors Stevedoring Equipment Rentals

Dredging Division Area Office
901 Beach Street
Camden, New Jersey 08102  

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Dredging Specialists and Don Searles.  Simply put, Don is a person of outstanding character, capability, and work ethic. 

Weeks first employed Dredging Specialists as a subcontractor to dredge a lagoon at a water treatment plant in Philadelphia.  Don designed and built a dredge for that project, then mobilized and performed the work.  The job was extremely successful and as a result we continued to seek out his services after that project.

For a period of time the dredging division had a special projects division and Weeks often used his services to help assess work.  Among other things, Don created a rig in Puerto Rico to probe the river for the Lake Carraizo dredging project.  He also helped interpret his findings and did a lot of early site assessment to help us prepare our estimate.

I highly recommend Don and Im sure you will be very pleased with his services.

Robert S. Malissa  PE
Administrative Manager, Clamshell Group

Note: Weeks Marine is the second largest dredging contractor in the U.S. and does about 200 million dollars of dredging work per year.

City of Decatur, Illinois
It is my pleasure to recommend to you the services of Mr. Don Searles of Dredging Specialists for hydraulic dredging projects.  Mr. Searles greatly assisted in the design and engineering of our 10 year, 5.8 million cubic yard hydraulic dredging project.  He wrote the vast majority of the specifications for a 16 inch, 1250 HP dredge, two 16 inch, 850 HP booster pump stations, one booster pump barge, fuel barge, and dredge tender.  Don completely designed the pumping system, including friction loss calculations, diesel power plants required, placement of booster pumps, and selection of pipeline size and material. 

Mr. Searles also provided valuable recommendations for the prequalification of equipment bidders as well as the design of the dredge mobilization/operations yard and dock.

We have been very pleased with his work.  Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Keith Alexander

Water Management Director
City of Decatur, Illinois
1 Anderson Plaza
Decatur IL 62523
Phone - 217.424.2863  email - kdalexander@decaturnet.org