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Proven Tools That We Have Used In Our Contracting Operations.

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    Production Optimizer System: The most practical dredge automation system in the industry

    Wind-In / Wind-Out Encoder: Used on dredges with a 3 cable system to measure the distance the dredge moves forward or backward. 

    Fast Hoist System: A simple, inexpensive modification to the existing hydraulic system will double the ladder hoist and lower speeds.  This makes priming the dredge pump faster and saves time raising and lowering the ladder throughout the day.  Time saved can be used to dredge material.

    Ladder Depth Gauge: Mechanical for down to 40 feet.  Electronic for below 40 feet.   .

    Training: Our 30 years experience, building dredges and operating dredges on 150 contract projects, uniquely qualifies us to provide training in: 

a.       Dredge operation, methods to improve production, setting anchors, proper cable angles, improved rigging methods and equipment.

b.      Methods that will double the life of your lubricants, engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems.

c.       Hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair.

   Telemetry for Dredge Management.  Lets you know what your dredge was producing throughout the day.  Added to the Production Optimizer System the telemetry forwards vacuum and discharge flow data, in real time, or a report format to any computer in the world. 

   Four Cable Positioning System: Our exclusive, 4 cable system is far superior to the 3 cable system now used on most sand and gravel dredges. We can show you why.  We have used it for over 25 years.

   Bank Cave-In Remover: Innovative method and equipment to get a sand and gravel dredge out from under a cave-in.

   Davit with Block and Tackle: Used to hoist the dredge pump cleanout door.  We invented it. Your people will love it.

   Vacuum System for Underwater Pumps. Required if you have, or are going to purchase an underwater pump.

   Fathometer: The most economical depth finder available.  Can be hand carried or attached to a boat. Used to make surveys, determine the depth of a sand deposit, and determine how much material has been left behind.  We designed the system, and have used it for 5 years.

   Dredge Hydraulic Systems: New systems, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repair.  Our systems will have less downtime, use less fuel, and cost less to operate than other systems.  Over 30 years experience designing, building, and operating hydraulic systems on dredges.

   Custom Dredging Systems: If you have a difficult dredging project and nothing you can find will work, call us.  We have built and operated 3 custom systems that worked well and solved difficult problems.

   Drag Scraper Dredging System: Nothing like it in the world.  We designed, built and operated it for 5 years and prevented a casino from being closed.

   Cutterheads with Easily Removable Baskets: Our baskets can be removed with a inch drive ratchet and socket.  We have seen people cut the cutterhead shaft in two to get the basket off other cutterheads.

   Aquatic Remediation System: Takes Aquatic Remediation to the next level.

   Planetary Winches:  We have a large inventory of new Terex winches with line pull up to 13,500 pounds.  About the price of others.

   Piranha Diver Cutterhead:  Improves diver dredging production in mud, by a factor of 2.5.  We invented it.  

   Hydraulic Power Units: All sizes and configurations.  Our units will last longer, use less fuel and cost less to operate than any others.  Over 35 years experience designing, building, and operating hydraulic systems.

Tools for Rigging and Wire Rope Management.

   Winch Bird Nest Eliminators: Prevents tangled and damaged cables, damage to winches, increases cable life, and prevents hands from being ripped untangling a bird nest.  We would not run a dredge without them.

   Cable Spoolers:  Hydraulic powered.  Fits all cable spool sizes without the need for loose bushings or adapters.  Sizes to meet your needs up to 10,000 feet of 1-inch cable.

   Cable Clamp Wrenches: Holds the cable clamp while you tighten the nuts.  We invented them.  Your people will love them.

   Cable Tensioning Machine:  Cable manufacturers recommend that a tension of 2 percent of the cables breaking strength be held as the cable is wound on a winch drum.  For a 5/8 cable, this is 1,500 pounds.  The tension prevents the layers above from being pulled between the raps below.  This machine provides the means to attain the required tension.  A must for large winches with many layers of cable. We invented it and have used it for over 2 years.

Tools In Our Tool Box That You May Want To Use

   Litigation Assistance : We have provided expert witness testimony in 22 cases involving dredging hydraulic systems machinery design and repair .  Our advise, stay out of lawsuits, but if you need us, we are available.

   Consulting in Dredging:  We have completed many consulting projects in the US and five foreign countries.

   Contract Dredging: We have completed 150 contract projects in 22 states.  We have completed 16 contracts for five out of the six largest corporations in the World.   

   Engineering: Machinery design of all types.  Auto Cad.

   Machine and Fab Shop: Full machine and steel fabrication shop.  If you have an idea, we can design and build it.

For more information about how you can put these tools in your dredging tool box and cut costs, increase profits, and make your life easier, contact Don Searles today.